The Illich Project

The Illich Project it's a global collaborative space promoting innitiatives and actions to recover, make accessible and revive Illichean thought and ideas. We know that the struggle for tomorrow draws its strength not from the vision of the future, but from the vision of the past.

The Illich’s Acervus in the XXI Century

The collective recovery of Ivan Illich's work and that of his constellation of close collaborators and associated intellectuals. A non-profit initiative to allow open access to everyone.

International Journal of Illich Studies

The main academic journal on the subject, with more than a decade of existence, is rethinking and relaunching itself, seeking to broaden its horizons.

CIDOC's legacy recovery

The project to recover and provide access to the intellectual production of the mythical CIDOC of Cuernavaca, cradle of the critical thinking that advanced the global catastrophe of our present.